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Healthy oils which are best for cooking food

Healthy oils which are best for cooking food


Everybody is health conscious today. People do lot of efforts in order to get a perfect shape, like they say a good bye to junk food, spicy and oily food. Indeed they avoid taking food stuffs that are made of ghee because it piles up fat on the body.

Well to cater them, markets are loaded with healthy oils; they not only provide health benefits but serve as a best option in cooking process. Here they are:

1. Olive oil and sesame oil are heart protective and offer various health benefits. Olive oil is widely used for sautéing, stir frying and for spritzing on salads. People are advised not to use more than 2 tablespoons a day as they also contain calories.

2. Mustard and canola oil are best for salad dressings; the latter has a neutral taste and contains a moderate amount of fatty acids. Canola oil’s mild flavor makes it a perfect substitute for sweet dishes like maalpuha, gajjar ka halwa and panjiri. It also works well for Rogangjosh and Biryani.

3. Peanut oil is also considered good for cooking because it doesn’t absorb flavors, it is widely used in traditional Indian vegetarian dishes.

4. Soyabean oil has rich polyunsaturated fats it is considered best for cooking aaloo methi, gobhi and karela.

So cook food in these healthy oils if you want to be fat free!

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