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Is it healthy to have water between meals

Is it healthy to have water between meals


Food is nutritious but every eatable can be fatal too if not taken at right time and in proper quantity. Like eating food at right time matters a lot, taking the right amount of water at the right time between meals too is a matter to speculate and followed in order to gain perfect health.

Water consumption’s importance can’t be denied but the debate of having water between meals is going since time immemorial.  After a lot of research work it’s finally found that having waters between meals can actually make digestive power sink and fluctuate insulin level which ultimately affects blood sugar and glucose levels.

Water may be good to keep you hydrated but gulping down gallons of water between meals thinking that this might help in digestion will actually do the worse. Digestive fluids tend to release as soon as we start having food and water infuse between that causes those digestive acidic digestive juices which actually slows down the digestive system. The undigested food gets absorbed by stomach walls triggers acidity and heart burn.  According to Shonali Sabherwal, Microbiotic counselor, excess of water consumption triggers up insulin levels and thus there are more chances of fat storage in body.

Many people are in terrible habit of consuming water during meals. If they want to get rid of their habit then they should take care of their food that there is a balanced inject of salt in food. Excess of salts in eatables aggravates thirst and thus makes one consume water in abundance.

So think before you gulp down gallons of water while having meals.

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